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Lerici Sub
A.S. Dilettantistica

la tribe diving academy Lerici

Lerici Sub,

The Circolo Lerici Sub is located at only 10 meters from the sea, near the Castle. Ask/Get more information about the restricted parking area.

Lerici Sub was born in 1983. It has become a group of diving enthusiasts to provide its members the necessary diving services.
The space is well equipped: a compressor and a room to gather in the closest possible position to the boats.
Lerici Sub is meeting spot to organize dives and sea trips together.

The club also organizes initiation, improvement and higher level diving courses.


The Lerici Sub organizes initiation and advanced courses.
Cylinder refills, cylinder rental and diving equipment are carried out.
Lerici Sub collaborates and offers logistic support to other diving clubs in Lerici, in the Gulf of Poets and in the PortoVenere Regional National Park.
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