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The Lerici Pea – Gulf of Poets Prize, has been attesting over the years as one of the most representative in the Italian and international literary scene. Faithful to the statute, it as absolutely free from influences and has got the purpose of promoting, spreading and enhancing, poetic excellence in Italy and in the world.

In 1998 it was taken over by the Lerici Pea Prize Association, which in 2018 also added the name “Gulf of Poets”.

In 2019, within the events of the 65th edition of the Prize, was inaugurated in Lerici the first “walk of fame” of Italian Poetry

The promenade called “Walk of Poetry” is dedicated to the poet, writer and playwright Sem Benelli, who created the name “Gulf of Poets” more than 100 years ago.
33 commemorative plaques have been placed on the waterfront to remember famous italian and international
poets who won the Lerici Pea Prize “for Career”, from 1991 to 2019; 2 plaques remember instead the winners of two Special awards, Joseph Count and Mladen Machiedo.

More information on Prize Official Site