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ca'doria e la carpaneta

The “Carpaneta” road starts from Piazza Garibaldi and goes up to the hills of Lerici. The etymology of this name is generally assumed to be from the Italian “carpini” (hornbeams) – a very common tree in this area. In the 15th and 16th Centuries, several houses were built along this road, and one of them became the summer residence of Andrea Doria, the Italian admiral of the Republic of Genoa. Here, the Italian condottiere decided to stop serving Francis I of France and side with Spain, as attested on the plaque: “D.O.M AND. AB AURIA HUIUS DOMUS HOSP. HIC EX GALLO FACTUS HISPANUS A MDXXVIII”. Andrea Doria moved here because he could easily reach the castle from his garden. And so he did when the French came to Lerici to imprison him. The French ships did not fire, however, because their cannons could not be elevated enough to hit the castle. And so the history of Europe changed.

Before being a “prince of the sea”, Andrea Doria was a hard and merciless captain of the troops of Genoa: he have had from the Genoese government the order to reduce the rebels from Corsica to the silence, because the war of Corsica was too much expensive. To send and to supply the Genoese troops in the island, Genoa used the base of Lerici, because the distance among Lerici and Capo Corso was inferior to that between this Island and Genoa. It is perhaps for this, that Andrea Doria purchased a house with garden in Lerici, in the street called Carpaneta, that brought on the necks and toward the fractions of Tellaro and La Serra, as well as toward Maralunga.


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Ca’Doria and the “Carpaneta” Road